Rev. Roby Chevance

Founder and Pastor

Founding Pastor Rev. Roby Chevance

Gifted with spiritual insight from birth, Rev. Roby Chevance’s extraordinary blend of skills enables her to deliver powerful and transformational experiences for her clients. Licensed and ordained as a minister in 2001 she founded The Celebration Center for Spiritual Living in San Diego, California.  

Rev. Roby is most known for her infectious joy and mastery of healing and manifestation. Her clerical career has helped bring to fruition boundless miracles in the lives of her community and center.  Roby has dedicated her life to cultivating 

her spiritual gifts and studying with world-leading authorities on metaphysics, science, healing, spiritual wisdoms, prosperity principles, and transpersonal psychology. With an extensive background in theatrical and vocal performance, and when combined with her love and command of metaphysics, her bigger-than-life presence and irresistible elation ensure her delivery of spiritual wisdom is entertaining as well as educational.

A lifelong student rooted in Religious Science (also known as Science of Mind, Roby has dedicated her life to understanding metaphysics, quantum physics, paranormal abilities, and transpersonal growth and has studied with the most prestigious leaders of the metaphysical movement around the world. Her curriculums have empowered thousands of people over the last 20 years. She has dedicated most of her adult life to being of service to her community. Roby’s proprietary courses are “Finding Your Voice,” an eight-week vocal performance workshopthathas graduated over 1,500 students, 12 students at a time, since 1997; “Divine Prosperity,” the transcendent money course; “Journey Into Deeper Love,” transforming your relationship to love, co-facilitated with Rickie Byars ; “Limitless Living,” a six-week possibility activation course; and “Limitless Living,” a six-month coaching intensive. Roby also has received numerous accreditations in metaphysical technologies, including Johrei; Matrix Energetics; The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stansted, England; and a Doctorate of Divinity conferred by an offshoot of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  

Rev. Roby hosted an online weekly show, “The Celebrated Life,” and was featured in the movie “M-Power—Empowering Women in Business and Beyond” with such notable female New Thought luminaries Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford, and Rickie Byars and in the documentary, “Living the Courage Vibe,” with Mark Victor Hansen. 

Her masterful and unique blend of spirituality, science, metaphysics, and artistic expression—infused by her profound harnessing of mystical power combined with infectious humor and great compassion—make Roby Chevance an up-and-coming transformational leader in the 21stcentury.

To view Roby’s current courses and events, visit Roby is also available for speaking engagements and private counseling. 

Celebration Center

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